Saturday, January 30, 2010

Been taken in again!

Hi Bunaken-Fans
Perhaps you remember that I warned of the deceitful activities of a so-called Tour Guide Luis in Sulawesi in August 2009. I have pointed to the risk in general also on my web page.
Now I got the report of an Italian guest once more today who had fallen into the trap of this man.
He had made a tour from Manado to the Togian Islands and to Makassar with a group in August 2009. They became acquainted with Luis Molindo over a business partner ( Mrs. M. P.) from Italy. On recommendation of her they paid in advance. They were then let down without the promised services in the middle of the island. Returned to Manado they reported the person to the police.
Therefore once again: Be wary of this Luis! He stays preferentially in the area of Poso, Gorontalo, Manado. Possibly under another name. But it is not ruled out either that he offers his services in the room Bali, Flores or Komodo now. And don't let yourself be fooled by his kind and innocent appearance!
Your Papa Klaus
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Monday, January 4, 2010

Frequent Asked Questions

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Hello again ...
when I came back from Bunaken at the beginning of December I found over 30 requests for suitable Dive-Resorts in my mailbox. You can imagine that it is rather time-consuming to give everybody an advice according to his special wishes.
However I also got frequent e-mails with quite general questions. About the weather in the rainy season, malaria prophylaxis, aeroplane tickets, snakes on the island etc..
would like to safe the answers to all these questions in future and therefore
add a new area named "Frequent Asked Questions" (FAQ) on my web page
If you have questions such as concerning Nordsulawesi, diving around Bunaken, Manado and surroundings, snakes on the island etc., which are not yet anwered on my website, then let me know it by a short (!!) e-mail with the subject "FAQ". The e-mail address:
I then might include it in this category.
Papa Klaus

Good News for Backpacker

Hello Bunaken Fans!
Either some of you are poor students or pensioner, or you cannot spend a lot of money for other reasons. For example because you are on an Asian trip for a long time. Because of that you have nowhere near to do without wonderful snorkeling or diving on Bunaken.
There is still a homestay on the island, where the stay overnight with three meals costs less than 10 euros. If you care about it on time and if you are lucky you can catch even one of the three available huts, which offers a free view at the sea. I have lived there again this year for one month. You may not make any demands with respect to comfort, facilities or hygiene, though. But the meal is really palatable and varied. The native owners are very kind. However, they cannot speak any English. Therefore you should either speak a little Indonesian or you should get along more or less with sign language.
You find a possibility at my website right below how you can contact me. I then send you a detailed description, how you can reach there very cheaply and independently. If you liked, I also can reserve a cottage for you (by sms)
So long from Bavaria and
Happy New Year!
Papa Klaus