Sunday, December 27, 2009

Back again from Bunaken!

Hi Bunaken Fans!
Meanwhile I have been back for three weeks from my this year's stay on the "island of dreams" and I have brought again some news from there. I will update my website as soon as possible with that information of course. New resorts/homestays have started during the past year. Of course, I went there for a closer look. Some of them are definitely interesting and recommendable because of their price-performance ratio. I have also went to see old-established Resorts again and I cannot recommend some of them any more now for different reasons. I will explain you...
However, first of all up to 35 e-mails which have arrived during the 2 months of my absence have to be answered. So be still patient a little!
Until soon (after New Year's Eve) and a Happy New Year 2010!

Your Papa Klaus

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Warning about Tours in Sulawesi

Hi Bunaken-Fans!
Your journey to Indonesia shall be for certain one of the most beautiful and most unforgettable experiences in your life. Some of you do not only come to Bunaken for scuba diving or snorkeling. You also would like to do a smaller or greater tour. Then it is particularly annoying if you come to a so-called "guide" or a tour agent who does not keep his promises. The financial loss (if you payed cash in advance) could perhaps be borne. But valuable days of your holidays are often lost or spoiled by trouble and disappointments.
Such a negative example recently I have been told: Several people had booked a journey to the Togian Islands (Kadidiri) by an agency in Manado. After all on the spot neither the ferry went on the promised day nor a bungalow was free in the booked Resort.
Some more detailled advice and warnings you will find at my website:

Sunday, July 19, 2009

SATISFIED on Bunaken? - Opinion Poll

Hi Bunaken-Fans!
Within the last years has my website for divers and snorkellers reached a respectable publicity. Numbers of visitors up to almost 8.000 since January 2009 and many inquiries over my forms prove, that information about North Sulawesi and Bunaken is urgently desired. Particularly however independent recommendations to homestays and dive - resorts.
In order to keep always my information up-to-date and make it at the same time a little more independent of my subjective point of view, however, I have decided to carry out an opinion poll.

All those, who have already received a piece of advice to accommodations, diving centres or tours in 2009 from me, I will ask by e-mail to judge their experiences on Bunaken with a questionnaire.
But also I would like to encourage all other guests who have landed on Bunaken without my recommendation, to take their time for some minutes and to take part in the action. You contribute that I can help also future guests with up-to-date information on Bunaken. Here the link:

Papa Klaus

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hi Bunaken - Fans,
my blog in German Language exists already for over 2 years.
Some of you already know my website. Now shall also follow the blog in English. It takes a little more work (translating). But I like to do this for you from all over the world anyhow. Be welcome!

Your Papa Klaus