Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Warning about Tours in Sulawesi

Hi Bunaken-Fans!
Your journey to Indonesia shall be for certain one of the most beautiful and most unforgettable experiences in your life. Some of you do not only come to Bunaken for scuba diving or snorkeling. You also would like to do a smaller or greater tour. Then it is particularly annoying if you come to a so-called "guide" or a tour agent who does not keep his promises. The financial loss (if you payed cash in advance) could perhaps be borne. But valuable days of your holidays are often lost or spoiled by trouble and disappointments.
Such a negative example recently I have been told: Several people had booked a journey to the Togian Islands (Kadidiri) by an agency in Manado. After all on the spot neither the ferry went on the promised day nor a bungalow was free in the booked Resort.
Some more detailled advice and warnings you will find at my website: