Thursday, March 21, 2013

Painfull knowledge: Lee lost his life

During the first period of a man's life the greatest danger is: not to take the risk. When once the risk has really been taken, then the greatest danger is to risk too much.
(Soren Kierkegaard)

Yesterday I received the sad news that Lee has really had a fatal diving accident. With him we have lost a dear friend on Bunaken.
 I got to know him in 2001 during my first Bunaken vacation when he supported me to find a cottage in a small Homestay on the island. Sympathy and confidence led to the fact that he had become a reliable companion to my wife and me during the coming weeks, then also during the following years. He assisted us in communicating with the local authorities and showed us as a tour guide the nicest places of interest in Nord-Sulawesi. In the course of the years we also got to know his family and were staying in his house many times.
At last we met in 2011. At this time we still had no notion that Lee had a diver's licence or planned to do one. Thus, it is beyond our understanding that he should have died during diving. Hence, there are many questions unansered .
At the moment, however, for my family and me, but also for many who know Lee as a tour guide and hold him in high regard, the grief over a dear person is in the forefront of thinking. We express our heartfelt condolences to his wife Selvie and his both boys.
This verse of the Bible may give consolation to the family as religious Christians:

I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live

John 11:25

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hello, Bunaken friends,
I have received news that our old friend on Bunaken, Lee Parabak should have died by an accident. Can  somebody confirm this, or report to me further details about the accident? Here, as a comment or to my email address I would be very grateful.
Papa Klaus
This picture was made 2005 on our diveboat SUNGATIAH.