Sunday, April 28, 2013

Questions about the circumstances of Lee's death

The visitors of my website often ask me for advice, which dive resort on Bunaken I would recommend. An important aspect for them is most of the time the safety. So, if the rumor about Lee's death should prove to be true, I must warn every dive guest to look very thoroughly at the safety standards of their contemplable dive resort.

The accident of Lee happened, as far as we know now, when he dived with a guest of M.C. Dive Bunaken, a Dive Resort near the village of Bunaken. There is a rumor on the Island about the cause of the accident. But I didn't trust it that much. So I wrote two emails to this resort requesting for information. Until today I didn't receive any reply.
Since accidents in many cases happen because of  unfortunate series of events, I wrote to the management of the resort the following email:

"...There is a rumour on Bunaken, that Lee dived with a guest and he has got a tank only half filled. When he got out of breath, he got into panic and rose to the surface holding his breath. This caused a pulmonary barotrauma.
Before I publish an unverified rumor, I want to give you the opportunity ... to describe the situation and answer the following questions:

1. Did Lee dive as a guest or as a dive guide of MC?
2. Has Lee got a diver's licence?
3. Is the course of the accident, like described, correct?
4. Have first aid measures been performed?.

If you as the dive buddy of Lee read this lines, please write me about the circumstances of this accident, how you experienced it. You may help to avoid the death of further divers.
As a comment or as email: papa(at)

Best regards
Papa Klaus

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